First time in the snow!

He was so mad not about the snow but about having on so many clothes. He started crying before we even got outside! We stayed out just long enough to get these photos!



Garrett is trying to walk yesterday he took two steps from the Coffee table to the couch. He has tried again but falls. His top two teeth are in they look really cute. My favorite thing he is doing is when I sing "patty cake" he does all the motions on his own following what I am singing it is sooo cute he pats then rolls his hands then throws them up in the air!


I took all Garrett's photos and Jeffra took the family photos!


Doggie Walk or Monkey walk you decide!

The dogs must have taught him how to walk like this!

My Poor Sick Baby

Garrett has had a cold for the past two days and the poor little guy cant breath through his nose he has to sleep with his mouth opened.


Kisses for the baby!

In these photos Garrett is practicing being a good big brother by giving nice kisses, holding his hand and opening and shutting the baby's eyes. He really wants a baby brother or sister. *no we aren't pregnant yet*


9 Month Check Up

Garrett had his 9 month Check up today it went pretty smoothly other than the poo explosion he had on his way to the appointment. DUMB PRUNES! Here are his stats Height: 30 inches- 90th % Weight: 22lbs 13oz- 75th % Head: 46 1/4cm- 75th % He also had a flu shot I wasn't planning on him getting because I didn't order it ahead of time like the asked me to. When his Pediatrician mentioned they had ordered extras of the Thimerosal free flu shot I decided to get it. I have been so freaked out about shots with the Mercury based preservative Thimerosal so It eased my mind having the shot without it. He also slept right through the shot. Garrett has started eating real people food just broken up really small. He loves string cheese and cheerios. Last week he started standing unassisted and not holding on to anything for about 5 seconds it lasted until he tried to take a step and lost his balance. He is so fast with his monkey crawling- by monkey crawling I mean on all fours with his bum up in the air. It is so funny watching him. He is also mimicking words we say in addition to the few he knows and understands what they mean. He is growing up sooooo fast.


Halloween Fun

Here is Garrett at Uncle Kent's Halloween Party. He is in his skunk costume. He absolutely hated the costume and only wore it for a few minutes! The bottom photo was taken a couple days before Halloween with Garrett's buddy Bryson.



Here is Garrett sitting outside watching little remote race cars. I think he looks adorable in his little outfit and hat.


Stealing Momma's water

Yes he did this all on his own this was his second attempt the first attempt he fell on to his bum and cried for a second then he tried again.


This one is a pretty short video his crawling is really funny he kinda inches like a worm.

Video of Garrett Crawling


Tour Our Home

I love the two upstairs floors I wish we could afford to paint. The unfinished basement is an eyesore we still haven't gone through the boxes from when we moved in over a year ago or put in blinds in the basement I can also point out all the dust bunnies too. Eventually when we can afford it we will add two bedrooms, a family room, full bath, a walk in pantry for our food storage and my favorite is the 2nd bedroom will be connected to under the stairs where I will be putting a mini door and making it a play house I cant wait until I have money to work on this project. I have it all drawn out and cant wait.


Garrett Crawling

Here are some photos of Garrett getting up on to his knees to crawl to his Mommy. Don't mind daisy's bum in the photo.


Garrett Loves GusGus

Here is a video of Garrett playing with GusGus he also says Hi a couple times that's his new thing. Errrrr, I would put tons more videos up but blogger takes forever to download the videos from my camera. This one took an hour so I really hope you enjoy it!


He is in the paper

Here is the photo of Garrett and Jeremiah in the paper and what they wrote


He looks more like me!!!

I just wanted to thank Ashley for putting this up on her page. And also to everyone who always says Garrett looks just like his Daddy well hahahahaha he looks 55% like me and 45% like his Daddy hahahahahaha some more!


Best Bee Costume Winner!!!

Garrett took FIRST place in the Best Bee Costume Contest at this years first annual Firestone Honey Festival. Our local news paper was there and took photos I put the link up and will keep you updated. http://www.metrowestfyi.com/farmerminer/


Meeting Family

On Wednesday I got to meet my Paternal Grandmother Donna and her Husband Leon we had lunch and talked for about two hours. I really enjoyed meeting them they both were very nice, warm hearted people. They are the first members on my biological fathers side of the family that I have met.


Some really cute pictures!

Here are a couple pictures of Garrett in his costume for the Firestone Honey Festival and one of him standing up showing his teeth


6 month Stats

Garrett's six month check up was yesterday a couple weeks late but here are his stats. as of 8/23/2007 Height: 28.5" (97%) My tall baby Weight: 20lbs 8oz (90%) Head cir: 44.5 cm (75%) He said he looked good and healthy and was right on track with all of his milestones. Garrett kicked the doctor twice. The doctor thinks he is a funny baby with his little laid back, curious attitude. Garrett had three shots and has been a little terror since. He napped all of an hour all day yesterday and was screaming all day until our walk in the evening. He then woke me up at 3:30 am and didn't go back to sleep until 5 and then woke back up at 6. The joys of motherhood! Here is a picture from last night when we went on our walk. The weather was great yesterday it got down to a low of 54* thats why he is wearing fleece and the hat my Aunt Kathy made him.


6 1/2 month update

It is so exciting he can now say Mamma and Dadda It seams over this past week Garrett's smarts have doubled. He went from babbling pure nonsense to trying to say words. He loves books I picked him up a Vsmile nursery rhyme book he loves it. He is also clapping to music not just to "patty cake" he will also clap if you say "yeah for Garrett" Its adorable. He can switch from a sitting up position and be on his belly trying to crawl in a couple seconds he gets frustrated that he cant yet go where he wants other than scooting around in circles. Last but not least he can use a sippy cup we got an Advent and he drinks from it like a pro!

Nap time


Garrett's first baseball Game

Here are some pictures of Garrett at his first Baseball Game in NH!

Sitting up