Genetic testing results

I went in last week to hear the results from the genetic testing we had on the baby we just lost and I found out that our baby was perfectly healthy all 46 chromosomes were normal. I didn't have the guts to ask gender I was on the brink of tears and barely keeping it in when I found out I'd lost a perfectly healthy baby I felt like it was my fault (of course it wasn't ). I left without asking but had a feeling that this baby was a girl and I was right! I called back and asked today I just had to know I needed that closure. They did tell me that they can't be 100% sure and my DNA could have mixed and unless it was a boy they cant tell for sure but they were pretty positive. The dr told me he was able to separate the baby and product of pregnancy very easily from the lining so I'm sure they are right. I'm excited to know I can have girls I don't just have boys ;-) So now she just needs a healthy body that my body can hold on to. On another note I was diagnosed with Asherman's syndrome (probably from the retained product of pregnancy followed by D&C after Graham was born) and will be having surgery to correct the problem on the 3rd. The Dr is sure he can fix my scaring without damaging me anymore and that I will be able to have more babies.