Baby Names

I know its early but I'm always thinking baby names right from the get go I usually end up changing my mind completely! Here are some names on our list well it's my list as Jeremiah says it's way to early to think about names we don't even know what we are having yet. If we are having a boy.... Middle name undecided Max, Cameron, Caden, Ethan, Jameson, Leyton, Parker, Preston, Ryland, Tayte, Symon, Greyson, Kaden and Austin If we are having a Girl... her middle name is ((Virginia)) Noelle, Presleigh, Brynn, Elyssa, Naomi, Kambrie, Gracie, Evelyn, Rylynn, Kayla, Hayden, Norah and Elsie


Results from the blood work

I'm pretty freaked out right now! I'm praying our little bean sticks! I'm starting on Progesterone supplement to hopefully bump my progesterone levels. CD30- HCG 74 Progesterone- 12.3 CD33- HCG 288 Progesterone- 12.7 CD42 HCG 5020 Progesterone- 12.2


I had some blood work done after some spotting last week and my progesterone was on the lower end of the normal range but my HCG was doubling nicely. Yesterday I went back in for an ultra sound according to LMP I should be 5w6d pregnant but based off ovulation I'm 5w4d pregnant. The ultrasound tech saw a nice healthy looking gestational sack but no yolk sac inside it. She told me it could still be too early and I'm really hoping that's the case but I'm still freaking out a little. She told me my OB wasn't in yet but she thought it would be a good Idea if I took another blood test so I did and I'm sitting here waiting on the results. There is nothing worse than waiting on test results!! Call already!!!


We're Pregnant

I am spilling the good news! I just can't hold it in any longer I'm so impatient!! We are expecting our new bundle of joy July 15 but if this baby is like either of the others he/she (hoping for a she) will come early. Hoping for July 9th as it's my Grandma's and Cousins B-day.