I love this photo I took it at 12:30 today which is way early for the boys to fall asleep. I guess I can understand them being tired we've had a busy morning. Miah and Garrett walked the dogs they walked about a mile then we went shopping and they played in the back yard while I tried to get dinner ready to just pop into the oven tonight since I won't be home. I guess they were just real tired.


Lady Bug.

Today Garrett found a lady bug he and Graham were so excited they watched that bug for a half an hour. Don't mind the mess we haven't spent much time cleaning since winter we need to pull weeds and add more rocks and plants but come the end of May our yard will finally be finished!! Miah is also going to build the boys a really neat boat sandbox while I'm in AZ. I'm going to sew the sail with the help of my Grandpa while I'm there. Miah is also going to build us a nice picnic table for play dates so we have a place to eat outside. We also planted an apple tree in remembrance of our Angel baby Apple trees are suppose to be a symbol of love. I'm going to have a plaque made to put next to the tree. We would have done it back in December but the weather wasn't ideal and waiting until July 15th when I was due is just too late in the summer. Anyway I'm so excited spring is here!!!


Going to a Fertility Specialist

It's now been a year since I had my IUD removed and I still haven't been pregnant with a viable pregnancy. I've been having symptoms of a Luteal Phase Defect for 11 months now and I'm sick of people telling me everything is fine becuase well it's not!! I know something is wrong with my body. My cycles are 23 days long with a Luteal phase of 8 days according to my OB anything under 12 days isn't good and anything under 10 days is really not good. I started taking Vitex & Maca Root last year the month before I got pregnant which helps increase progesterone levels naturally and It did help I got pregnant that month but obviously it's more than just my progesterone levels being low it's poor follicular quality too so most likely I will be going on Clomid to help stimulate FSH and progesterone supplements the last half of my Cycle. I am so thankful it was so easy for me to get pregnant with my two boys they are such a joy and they truly make life so much more enjoyable. We're ready to expand our family it's still incomplete and I'm so excited that a wonderful Fertility Specialist is going to help us on our journey TTC #3 our Appointment is in 3 weeks I will keep everyone posted. I'm not shy talking about this stuff on line it's part of life! LOL


Garrett and Mommy's Weekend of fun

minus the broken finger incident but we will get to that later. We had such a fun weekend I didn't take pictures of everything but I will blog about it. Our weekend of fun started out Friday with Birthday shopping for Daddy, lunch then we saw "How to Train your Dragon" Garrett loved it on our way home we did some grocery shopping if you can call it that for all kinds of junk food. Then we stayed up late ate the junk food and watched "Transformers 2" Imagine that! Saturday Garrett and I went fishing we didn't catch anything Garrett got bored after 20 minutes but we ate lunch at the park and watched the ducks I asked him if he wanted to play on the playground and he said "No I need to take Hailey a Toy in the Hospital" So we decided to head over to visit Hailey he's really been missing her. Well as I was packing up the car Garrett went over to the passenger side of the car opened the door. He was looking for a transformer toy I told him I had it and to shut the door and come stand by the car where I could see him. That was a big mistake becuase he shut the door alright but his left pinky finger was in the way the door closed on it. He started screaming bloody murder right off and I ran over opened the door which had shut all the way. I put the ice pack from our lunch on it and rushed him to children's hospital where x rays showed he broke it Poor guy he now has a purple splint since they cant cast a pinky. The good news was the break wasn't too bad and it should heal up within two weeks. We were in and out of the Hospital pretty quick so we headed down to the Hospital to visit Hailey who was sleeping but he still got to see her for a few minutes. The rest of the day was pretty boring we both took a nice two hour nap and woke up at 6:30pm so we ended up staying up late again. Sunday was pretty boring we decided to play hookie from Church and just hung out around the house. Today we went to the Zoo it was such a perfect day out for the first hour at the zoo then it got a lot warmer so Garrett got some Ice Cream and what he didn't eat was on him this is what he told me "Mommy it's raining blue Ice cream" LOL I looked and it was melting down his arm and all over him. We are now T minus 3 hours until Daddy and Graham get home and I am super excited we missed them so much.

Easter Sunday 2010


Garrett's 36 month check up

Garrett had his three year check and he is looking good 38 inches tall and 33.6 lbs so he's in the 50-75% now rather than being in the 90th-99th. He has stopped growing as much but developmentally hes doing fantastic. We are putting him in pre-school two mornings a week starting next school year he is all signed up and ready to go. I'm so excited for him to start learning more he's just so smart and I feel like being stuck at home most days isn't challenging enough for him.