I finally got a pic of him smiling I had to take it with my cell phone though my camera always flashes red indoors and then he gets mad.


Graham's Two Month Check up

Today we headed over to the Pediatricians office for Grahams two month check up he is 24" (70%) long he weights 13p 6oz (70%) and his head is 42.5cm (90%). Does his big head mean he is going to be super smart? Our Pediatrician is going to contact a specialist to see if we need get Grahams umbilical hernia looked at it's measuring 3cm in width and height they don't like to see them past 2cm. Graham got two shots one was a 3-in-1 and Garrett got his thermasol free flu shot. Garrett was a tough little guy he kinda fussed for a second when she pricked him but he didn't even cry. We stopped at walgreens on the way home and when I got back to the Car Garrett had a bottle of water and was calling it agua. My baby is going to be bilingual and know sign language I wont understand him.


Halloween CostumeTest Run

The reindeer aka Graham is a nice dinner for the tiger aka Garrett. Graham was hungry and not so happy in his costume but he was smiling in it this morning. Garrett on the other hand did not want to take his off and cried when we changed him into his PJ's


Here are some cute photos of the boys and Gus

"Good Boy"

Here is Garrett calling Graham a "Good boy" when I ask him what brothers name is. I also love how Gus is sitting in the background like a person!