Baby #3 Pregnancy #6

I am already so in love with this tiny baby growing inside me and I cant wait to meet him/her! Baby has been measuring perfectly with a beautiful heart rate. I can finally pick up the baby's heart rate on my doppler I have at home. Baby is moving all around although I can't feel it yet I sure saw it on the 10week us and can tell when listening to the hb as it moves around with the baby. We are all so super excited Garrett says were having another brother and Graham says its a sister so we shall see. I'm just praying things continue to go smoothly and for the strength and faith to make it through the next 6 months. This two year battle with secondary infertility and loosing our 3 babies has taught me so much. It made me appreciate my boys and my easy time getting pregnant with them so much more. I also appreciate my loving, patient Husband so much! It was so hard to see him wanting to be able to fix our problems and my broken heart and knowing he couldn't. I have learned over the past two years that my life plan and God's plan for my life are so different. I figured since I had been through so much pain growing up that I would catch a break but that's not how Life works. Our Father in Heaven takes his strongest sons and daughters and man does he test us. Life isn't easy it wasn't meant to be. Our trials teach us something we need to learn and grow from. I am who I am now because of what I've been through . I know that until my father in heaven takes me from this mortal life and on to my next the trials will a keep on coming. I hope that I am prepared to meet those trials head on I know I can conquer them!