It's begining to look a lot like....

Christmas. The tree, stockings and decorations are up and the gifts are wrapped. I uploaded a picture of the stockings I made for all of us. We had felt stockings growing up and I loved them so I decided to make them for my family. This is the first year we have had a fake tree. I wasn't about to have a repeat of the allergies Graham and I had last year. This is also the first year we are having visitors for Christmas. Auntie Jeffra and Uncle Karl are coming to visit which we are super excited about!

35 weeks

We are so excited tomorrow is the end of week 35 which means only 4 weeks and a couple days until Greyson is here. We have his room all set up, the clothes are washed and we are packed for the hospital. The boys picked out his coming home out fit and are super excited to meet their baby brother.


Random Favorites

Greyson Chesley Burke

I've been a huge slacker with the blog updates we've been crazy busy with school getting ready for the holidays and the arrival of baby Greyson. He is so cute its amazing how detailed ultrasound pictures are he looks so much like his brothers. We are both healthy and I'm hanging in there. As of my apt last week I was measuring 32 weeks so he is around 4lbs right now. I am counting down the weeks until he joins our family. My scheduled induction date is December 28th so that's just over 7 weeks away.