Hematologist Update

Well I saw the Hematologist and she tells me since neither of my parents or my Brother (half siblings don't count) have had a blood clot that I probably have a heterozygous case of Factor 2 which is 1 gene that is mutated it's more common than homozygous (2 genes) but without genetics testing that I don't want to pay for she cant be 100% sure it's just more likely heterozygous. I can't smoke (darn I was thinking about taking that up) or take BC pills anymore also a (darn I love how sick they make me feel) and when I do get pregnant I have to take 80mg of aspirin, a blood thinner in pill form and also a daily injection of something she named that I can't recall. I told her I wasn't comfortable taking a blood thinner yikes that freaks me out and she told me that I could probably get by with taking just the aspirin and the injection daily and leaving out the addition blood thinner unless I get a blood clot in my legs, lungs or brain but she wants to talk with my RE and also see the results from additional tests she did (6 vials of blood worth). (Not looking forward to the injections she said I'd have to do them until I was 5 or 6 weeks postpartum) but it sounds like an easy fix!


June Update

Good news and bad news...
Our Good news is that potty training has finally clicked for Garrett he is now in his big boy boxers all day even out in public! He is super excited about school coming up here soon he's so smart I can't wait for him to experience that. He takes after me when I was a kid with his constant blabbing. He is my daring child I've caught him trying to "fly" off of our kitchen counters. He still loves his transformers and he can now color more than just a line here and there he is very serious about his coloring I will video tape him one day its hilarious! Graham is going through a growth spurt and eats non stop! He is such a silly billy he makes me smile all the time I think he is going to be in trouble a lot in school. He is talking a whole lot more and he loves playing with his brother whom he calls Garrgua. His absolute favorite thing to do is be in the water I'm so excited it's finally swimming weather. Bad news is that during my panel testing at the fertility clinic I tested positive with a factor 2 deficiency (blood clotting disorder) and my PTT level was high I am now seeing a hemotologist which I go see on the 21st. My fertility Dr says this shouldn't affect my getting pregnant at all but that I am considered high risk once I do get pregnant becuase my risk for blood clots was very high. I need more in depth testing so they can get me on the right meds they did say that I will have to go on blood thinners but that's not something he does. Also, most likely I never had retained placenta after I had either of the boys it's more likely that I developed blood clots in my uterus and that's what the OB removed not tissue we will never be sure but hey now hopefully we can prevent it in the future. Also far as the TTC stuff goes I have been diagnosed with a luteal phase defect and will have to be on meds to regulate that as long as were trying to get pregnant again without them my body cannot sustain a pregnancy and I will keep loosing babies. LPD are pretty common and it's also a common secondary infertility issue but it's an easy fix. So hopefully in 2011 we will have a new addition to our family.