Garrett trying to ride Gus

I'm glad I had my cell phone in arms reach becuase I only had a few seconds to take this picture before Gus threw Garrett off.


I'd like to thank the academy

I have been given an award by Hockeymom-Dani The recipient of this award to list 10 honest things about themselves -- make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep. Pay attention because at the end of my 10 things, I'll be awarding the "Honest Scrap" award to seven lucky friends. WOW 10 Honest things that's hard..... 1) Unless I'm going somewhere me and my kids stay in our jammies all day! 2) I drink one 8oz diet Pepsi a day even though I know it makes Graham spit up - I really am trying to break this habit 3) I am online way too much 4) I'm a terrible looser- I don't like to play games unless I win 5) There is a monster in my Dishwasher to keep Garrett out. **In my defense I have caught him on several occasions playing with knives he got out of it** 6) I use to like getting out of the house to do stuff before I had kids now I'm a homebody because it is just way too much work getting out the door and keeping both babies happy. 7) Garrett has watched "Horton Hears a Who" more than a few to many times! 8) I wish I wouldn't have gotten any pets they are too much work 9) I am obsessive compulsive about clutter in my house except in my bedroom where my clean laundry is all spread out on the couch. I figure why hang it up when I'm just going to be washing it again tomorrow. I am so tired of laundry!!!! 10) I haven't seen my natural hair color since I was 15. When I see my Sister Hair I wish I never would have dyed it because hers is beautiful and I think mine would be about the same color. I am trying to grow it out right now so if you see it and think wow she needs a dye job now you know why. So now I pass this on to Seven Friends: 1) Annette 2) Aleshia 3) Twisted Cinderella 4) Courtney 5) Lisa 6) Brenda 7) Kami


Graham said his first word and a video of him playing

Graham said his first word it Yesterday Jan 29th. I said "Hi there" after he woke up from his nap and he repeated "Hi". I tried to get him to say it again and nothing but squeaks came out. I don't know if I should put it in his baby book as his official first word since he isn't repeating it like Garrett did with "Mama". The video is from earlier in the month he isn't doing much just sitting looking at toys.


Graham as an underwear model

We were just being silly taking photos of Graham in the underwear Garrett is afraid of he does have his cloth diaper on otherwise they wouldn't have fit.