28 week check up!

I had my 28 week check up yesterday and everything looked good the baby is moving like crazy, my BP was normal, my doctor is happy with my weight gain. The baby is measuring 30 weeks so hes two weeks ahead which means another BIG baby. At our 36 week appointment she will do a quick ultrasound to see if the baby is getting too big and possibly move up my due date but most likely she will just leave him in there cooking until he is ready to come out!


Hand towel comes in handy!

All Garrett's baby towels were in the wash so Daddy had to use a hand towel to dry off Garrett after his bath time it's just the right size!


Happy Memorial Day!

I know it's not Monday yet but I just wanted to say how thankful I am for for the brave Men and Women who risk/give their lives to protect this country! I am also thankful for their wives/husbands/kids who are at home supporting them! Have a great & safe Memorial Day Weekend and a Happy Memorial Day Monday!



Yesterday was a very scary day for those of us in North East CO we had a Tornado just miles away tear apart a whole community! I feel so blessed today that we weren't in the 30 mile path of the mile wide tornado that has devastated so many lives. http://tinyurl.com/696cnw


Annette's visit!

We really enjoyed having Annette and her family visit from AZ it was a lot of fun well the part where she got sick then I got sick wasn't fun but spending time with her and getting to meet Ava for the first time was sure fun. Ava is such a cutie pie she was all smiles! We also enjoyed getting to know Riley a little better he is a super nice guy. We went all went to the ZOO the Saturday they were here it was packed and my feet were so swollen it hurt to walk but all and all it was a good time. Garrett went on his first Carousel ride he loved it so much he didn't want to get off. After the ZOO we had a nice picnic lunch in the park next to the zoo where we were joined by a few geese. Annette and I got some Ice cream from the Ice cream man like old times during the summer back in Tempe. I didn't get pictures of that so I will just let you imagine what Annette and I looked like eating our Sponge Bob Popsicles. I wish I had been a little more snap happy during the visit because I just didn't get a whole lot of photos but here is what I got!


Chillin' with Nemo and Daddy

Garrett and Daddy were taking a break in the play room and nemo decided to curl up and take a seat next to Garrett. They all look so cozy together.


Not the Chicken Pox!

He has coxsackievirus: hands, feet and mouth diseases! YUCK!