Polar bears

Chad, Faith, Garrett and I


My brother Chad, his wife Ashlee and their baby Faith visited us last weekend we had a blast. Here is a picture of Miah and Garrett in front of the lions home.


another photo

11 weeks

11 weeks

This is Garrett all dressed up for church at 11 weeks


Rolling over

woohoo!!!! Today May 1st, 2007 was Garrett's first real roll over! Garrett spit up all over his clothes so I took them off and put him on his tummy on his play yard. I went to throw his smelly clothes in the hamper and get a new outfit. When I got back he was rolling over without fussing so I rolled him back over he did it again and again I figured I would tape it so I ran up and got the video camera and rolled him back over I did get it on tape but he was fussing that time because he was tired of me rolling him back over.