6 month Stats

Garrett's six month check up was yesterday a couple weeks late but here are his stats. as of 8/23/2007 Height: 28.5" (97%) My tall baby Weight: 20lbs 8oz (90%) Head cir: 44.5 cm (75%) He said he looked good and healthy and was right on track with all of his milestones. Garrett kicked the doctor twice. The doctor thinks he is a funny baby with his little laid back, curious attitude. Garrett had three shots and has been a little terror since. He napped all of an hour all day yesterday and was screaming all day until our walk in the evening. He then woke me up at 3:30 am and didn't go back to sleep until 5 and then woke back up at 6. The joys of motherhood! Here is a picture from last night when we went on our walk. The weather was great yesterday it got down to a low of 54* thats why he is wearing fleece and the hat my Aunt Kathy made him.


6 1/2 month update

It is so exciting he can now say Mamma and Dadda It seams over this past week Garrett's smarts have doubled. He went from babbling pure nonsense to trying to say words. He loves books I picked him up a Vsmile nursery rhyme book he loves it. He is also clapping to music not just to "patty cake" he will also clap if you say "yeah for Garrett" Its adorable. He can switch from a sitting up position and be on his belly trying to crawl in a couple seconds he gets frustrated that he cant yet go where he wants other than scooting around in circles. Last but not least he can use a sippy cup we got an Advent and he drinks from it like a pro!

Nap time


Garrett's first baseball Game

Here are some pictures of Garrett at his first Baseball Game in NH!

Sitting up