Tour Our Home

I love the two upstairs floors I wish we could afford to paint. The unfinished basement is an eyesore we still haven't gone through the boxes from when we moved in over a year ago or put in blinds in the basement I can also point out all the dust bunnies too. Eventually when we can afford it we will add two bedrooms, a family room, full bath, a walk in pantry for our food storage and my favorite is the 2nd bedroom will be connected to under the stairs where I will be putting a mini door and making it a play house I cant wait until I have money to work on this project. I have it all drawn out and cant wait.


Garrett Crawling

Here are some photos of Garrett getting up on to his knees to crawl to his Mommy. Don't mind daisy's bum in the photo.


Garrett Loves GusGus

Here is a video of Garrett playing with GusGus he also says Hi a couple times that's his new thing. Errrrr, I would put tons more videos up but blogger takes forever to download the videos from my camera. This one took an hour so I really hope you enjoy it!


He is in the paper

Here is the photo of Garrett and Jeremiah in the paper and what they wrote


He looks more like me!!!

I just wanted to thank Ashley for putting this up on her page. And also to everyone who always says Garrett looks just like his Daddy well hahahahaha he looks 55% like me and 45% like his Daddy hahahahahaha some more!


Best Bee Costume Winner!!!

Garrett took FIRST place in the Best Bee Costume Contest at this years first annual Firestone Honey Festival. Our local news paper was there and took photos I put the link up and will keep you updated. http://www.metrowestfyi.com/farmerminer/


Meeting Family

On Wednesday I got to meet my Paternal Grandmother Donna and her Husband Leon we had lunch and talked for about two hours. I really enjoyed meeting them they both were very nice, warm hearted people. They are the first members on my biological fathers side of the family that I have met.


Some really cute pictures!

Here are a couple pictures of Garrett in his costume for the Firestone Honey Festival and one of him standing up showing his teeth