12 Month Stats

Age: 1 year 3 days Weight: 24lbs 50-75% Height: 31in 90% Head: 47cm 75% Vaccinations: Hep B & Hib Garrett's Peditrition doesn't recommend MMR until 18 months which gives me one less thing to worry about now. Garrett is closer to 32 inches I measured him standing and he was taller than 31 he was wiggling all around while she was trying to measure him lying down. Her first measurment was 29.5 inches and Miah and I were like wow he shrunk from his last appointment so she redid it and got the 31. He is now done with Hep B and Hib so yeah for that!!! His weight has really slowed down he is still gaining but not as rapidly as before his doctor just says thats most likly because he is more active running around all day. He is also amazed at his develpment puting words together already and he says he is a strong little guy who pays very close attention to everything.