Cloth diapering

Since Garrett was 9 months old I've been thinking about the pro's and con's of cloth diapering I did research back then and was set to switch him but I figured I would wait until baby #2 came along and well thats coming around the corner. So reading this article made my decision much easier. We will cloth diaper at home and when out in public use disposables. I don't care to carry around a poopy in my diaper bag all day even in a wet pouch. How much will they cost? The costs calculated below for disposable, single-use diapers are based on two of the most popular brands from a store known for its value pricing. The newborn package (up to 10 lb.) contains 48 diapers at $16.23, or $0.34 each . The average number of changes for a newborn is 12 to 16 per day for the first two weeks. 14 diapers x 7 days x 2 weeks = 196 diapers at $0.34 each = $66.64 The infant size 1 package (up to 14 lbs.) contains 104 diapers at $ 0.22 each. An average baby requires 10 to 12 changes per day for the first three months. 11 diapers x 30 days x 2.5 months = 825 diapers at $0.22 each = $181.50 The infant size 2 package (12-18 lbs.) contains 88 diapers at $0.26 each. An average baby who is three to six months old requires 10 to 12 changes a day. 11 diapers x 30 days x 3 months = 990 diapers at $0.26 each = $257.40 Mega-pack pricing was used for the balance of the packages, because mega-packs are the least expensive. Each mega-pack was $28.92 + $2.02 sales tax, for a total of $30.94 per package. The infant size 3 package (16-18 lbs.) contains 96 diapers $0.32 each. A six- to nine-month-old baby requires eight to 10 changes per day. 9 diapers x 30 days x 3 months = 810 diapers at $0.32 each = $259.20 The infant size 4 package (22-27 lbs.) contains 64 diapers at $0.37 each. A nine- to 12-month-old child requires eight changes per day. 8 diapers x 30 days x 3 months = 720 diapers at $0.37 each = $266.40 The toddler size 5 package (over 27 lbs.) contains 58 diapers at $0.41 each. The average 12- to 18-month-old child requires six to eight changes a day. 7 diapers x 30 days x 6 months = 1,260 diapers at $0.41 each = $516.60 The child size 6 package (over 35 lbs.) contains 48 training diapers at $23.00, or $0.45 each. An average 18- to 30-month-old child requires six to eight changes per day. 7 diapers x 364 days = 2,548 diapers at $0.45 each = $1146.60 Grand total The total estimated average cost is $2,694.54 for 7,349 disposable, single-use diapers. Keep in mind that this is a conservative estimate. It is not uncommon for a child of 3 years to require a diaper at night, and children in single-use diapers tend not to feel wetness, requiring a longer duration of time for toilet training success. Your child’s individual sleep pattern, body functions and time frame for toilet training success will determine the number of actual diaper changes required. Cloth diapering is relatively simple and financially rewarding, saving from a minimum of $2,300 to upwards of $5,000. Single-use diapers range in price from $0.22 to $0.45 each. Cloth diapers pay for themselves within a six-month period. After six months, you’ll be diapering for almost free. A quick estimate of cost: Consumer Report estimates that the most inefficient washer and dryer system costs approximately $0.78 per load, whereas more efficient models cost approximately $0.44 per load. So wash your own twice a week for $0.44-0.78, including water, hydro and detergent -- or spend $16.94-$22.05 for single-use disposable diapers. Please keep in mind that your child is in the large size single-use disposable diaper for the longest stage of diapering, and yes, they are the most expensive at approximately $0.45 each.


Freaking out!

At our OB appointment on Thursday I was only measuring a week ahead so either the baby had gone through a growth spurt two weeks earlier or he was just stretching out at the time she was measuring me. The reason I named this post freaking out is that my OB is on Vacation the week of the 11th she comes back to work on my due date she also doesn't work Fridays. Garrett was born 4 days early without an induction I don't think there is anyway I could convince her to induce me before her vacation being that would put the baby over a week early and she doesn't like to do that. AHHHH I have heard great things about the two other OB's in the office friends from church have delivered with them but I've only met them each twice in the past three years.


Thanks for all your votes!

We have decided on.......... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
What "The Baby Name Wizard" has to say about Graham: Popularity: #397 *This English and Scottish standard has never fully taken hold in the U.S. Why is a mystery, It's handsome as all get-out, sexy but with impeccable manners. Even the graham cracker association really shouldn't hurt: Slim, sweet, and snappy. Graham is the fellow all the girls want to meet and the guys have to respect! What "The Baby Name Wizard" has to say about Kent: Popularity: #889 * Kent's prime time was the '50s, but the name feels more modern than that. Its crisp sound fits in with current styles and could make it a strong choice. Miah Likes Graham Kent the best out of all three and the more I hear and say it the more I like it!!!!!


Garrett Electrocuted himself today!

I won't name names but a certain somebody was suppose to be watching Garrett while I was getting dinner ready the other day and fell asleep, luckily, I turned around in time to catch Garrett pulling on the plug behind the TV. I yelled at that someone to get Garrett before he shocked himself. I also said "check the plug make sure it's in all the way" which he didn't double check he just said he saw out of the corner of his eye and was sure it was plugged in. WELL, IT WASN'T that plug isn't easy to get out it is a tight squeeze and takes lots of pulling. Today Garrett got behind the I said "NO, NO Ouch" he laughed and proceeded so I jumped up and in a matter of seconds he reached back behind the TV. It was too late the plug was not plugged in all the way he touched the metal and got a nice shock. He is fine he cried his arm hurt pretty bad he kept yelling "bad, ouch" and pointing at the TV. Poor Guy!


Measuring too far ahead!

Today was a little scary at my 31 week check up baby boy #2 is measuring 3 weeks ahead to the day. My doctor seems to be getting a little concerned I had a really rough time getting Garrett out and he was measuring about a week ahead. He did come on his own 4 days early after two hours of pushing and third degree tears. We were both in distress we got an infection and he stayed in the hospital for 7 days. I would like an easier birth experience so I may opt for an early induction if he is still measuring big at my 36 week check up. I really want to avoid having a c-section. My advice to all Women is ask how big your husband was at birth before getting married!!! If I had known Jeremiah was 12lbs I may have rethought saying yes. P.S. That last comment was a joke, I love you Honey!


30w 5d

Here are some photo's of my baby bump. I had my professional pics done today but they wont be up for a week or two I will add the link when they are downloaded.


Look what we saw!

Last night after leaving an Enrichment activity about how to use your camera and take better photos we went to our stake center to get our Temple recommends signed. Well when we were leaving Miah spotted some fox pups hanging out under a tree in the Grass next to the church. There were three one was off a little ways watching (possibly the Mama) the other two were wrestling giving us a really good show we sat in the parking lot about 15 yards from them watching them for about 10 minutes it was so cool. Of course after leaving Enrichment with NO CAMERA I improvised and took a photo with my cell phone it's blurry and small but it works.


29w 4d

I'm huge!!!!

Trying on Daddy's shoes

Anytime Garrett is near our closet he pulls out all Miah's shoes and tries them on!


Garrett Not Swimming

At his first swimming lesson. It was a traumatic experience for him he wouldn't swim with either instructor without screaming for me and crying alligator tears. He even pushed, scratched and pulled one of the instructors hair when she took him into the water to teach him how to back float. Next time I will pay the extra money for mommy and me classes at the ymca! We did go swimming afterward just him and I and he was fine he loves swimming its the strangers he doesn't like. The only picture I got of him at the pool was when he was sitting on the side watching his class swim.