12 days!

Our induction is set for August 11th at 6am! I hope I go on my own before that but if I don't we only have 12 days left until we meet Graham!


3 weeks until EDD

All I can think about is Graham! I can't wait to meet him and see what he looks like, who he looks like. I can't wait to get to know this new perfect little person I've been growing inside me for the past 9 months. I am just so excited I could burst!! Being Garrett's Mother has been the most wonderful blessing and now having Graham will be twice as wonderful! I can't wait for Garrett to meet his little Brother I know he will love Graham and be great with him he already talks to my belly tries to feed my belly button his pacifier or a bottle. Next week I will have some help coming Jeffra Miah's Sister will be coming to stay with us for a couple weeks then the week after Miah's Mom gets here for a couple weeks as well. That's all I have for now!


Garrett's New Room

Here it is the almost finished product of Garrett's new room. I made the shelf myself well, all I really did was sand and paint the shelf then hot glued on the animals. I am looking at this bedding set it's a little pricey so I am probably going to order the sheets and pillow shams and make a quilt, window valance and bed skirt with matching colors that way when he out grows the animals he will still have his quilt. Eventually we will put bunk beds so the boys can share a room. For now his bed wont have a real headboard I'm thinking I can get away with hanging a matching animal rug behind it to save the extra expense. We also need ceiling fans for both kids bedrooms I just realized how hot their rooms are no wonder Garrett is tossing and turning all night.


36w check up

I had my 36 week check up today and I am 1-2cm dilated my OB did say she can feel Graham's head but there is still more room for him to drop before stripping my membranes would be effective it looks like I will be waiting until next Wednesday or possibly August 7th. Graham's weight is in the 70% he is right around 7lbs.


4 weeks and counting!

There is no way It will really be 4 more weeks I am thinking 3 at most look how huge I am! I am pretty sure I have developed sleep apnea from all the swelling I am experiencing. Last night was miserable I woke up about 10 times because I couldn't breath. Three of those times I woke up choking. Then I tried to take a nap today and the same thing I was asleep for 10 minutes and started choking. I'm tired, grouchy and pregnant not a good threesome! Graham has also decided he likes resting backwards in my tummy his spine to mine that's how Garrett was positioned at birth which freaks me out. When they rotated Garrett it was the most horrible pain I had ever felt in my life. I really hope he moves back soon so they don't have to turn him too.


Yummy Cheeseburger!

Mommy Has been having cravings for yucky fast food so this is what I get stuck eating!



That's how many weeks we have until our EDD I'm sure I wont survive that long. Our whole family got sick Sunday It started out with Garrett getting a runny nose, now I feel like poo and Miah started sniffing today although he says he is coming down with allergy's and he isn't getting what we have. I told him if it walks, quacks and looks like a duck it is a duck!


I'm Rh-negative

I found out today that I am A- I had to have a RhoGAM shot in my bum! I had no idea about this even being an issue It was never mentioned during my first pregnancy but I have read up on it and I guess in most cases first pregnancies are perfectly healthy. I got the shot a little later since I haven't seen my OB for 4 weeks I saw one of the other OB's that could possibly deliver Graham. What does it mean to be Rh-negative? Being Rh-negative means you don't have a certain protein ("D antigen," or the Rh factor) on the surface of your red blood cells. If you do have it, you're Rh-positive. So the terms Rh-negative and Rh-positive are just ways of further pinpointing what type of blood a person has, beyond the general blood type categories of A, B, AB, and O. If you're Rh-negative and carrying a baby who is Rh-positive (like the baby’s father), your immune system, which fights off invaders to keep you healthy, will recognize your baby's Rh-positive red blood cells as foreign to your Rh-negative blood and will begin producing antibodies intended to destroy your baby's blood cells. If this is your first pregnancy, chances are everything will be fine. These crusading antibodies usually are not dangerous until subsequent pregnancies, when they've had time to grow in strength and number. This is why you have to worry about the future now. Once the antibodies begin attacking, they can lower a baby's red blood cell count, which can lead to jaundice, anemia, mental retardation, and heart failure. In the most severe cases, it can be fatal in utero (during pregnancy) or shortly after delivery. This condition is known as Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (HDN), and for Rh-negative women, all future pregnancies are at risk. Fortunately, treatment can virtually eliminate the risk. CAN MY ANTIBODIES HURT MY BABY? Yes. The antibodies formed to protect you against Rh-positive red blood cells can pass to the baby you are carrying. They attack and destroy the baby’s Rh-positive red blood cells, causing anemia (low red blood cell count), jaundice, and in severe cases, heart failure. This condition is known as hemolytic disease of the newborn, or HDN. WHO IS RH-NEGATIVE? Most people are Rh-positive -- 85 to 99 percent. Percentages vary between ethnic/racial groups. For the 1 to 15 percent who are Rh-negative, their blood type causes no special health concerns and becomes important only when they give or receive blood and, most importantly, during pregnancy. When an Rh-negative woman and an Rh-positive man conceive a child, Rh status becomes especially important. HOW CAN I PROTECT MY BABY? Helping parents care for their babies with innovative products has been a Johnson & Johnson concern for more than a century. You can protect your baby (and any future babies) by receiving RhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS Rho(D) Rh-immune globulin shots, which prevent Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn by keeping your immune system from making antibodies against Rh-positive cells. Once these antibodies develop, treatment with an Rh immune globulin cannot eliminate them. However, the production of Rh antibodies can be PREVENTED by receiving RhoGAM® Ultra-Filtered PLUS during pregnancy. Your health-care provider will give you a shot at around 28 weeks of pregnancy and again after delivery if your newborn turns out to be Rh-positive (if the baby is Rh-negative, there's no need). You may also receive RhoGAM® at other times during pregnancy when it's likely you'll come into contact with your unborn baby's blood, such as during amniocentesis and/or after any injury to the abdomen. In addition, it's crucial that Rh-negative women receive RhoGAM® or MICRhoGAM® following a miscarriage or terminated pregnancy. The Rh factor is present on fetal red blood cells at just eight weeks' gestation. So even if a pregnancy ended in the first trimester, the immune system still will have had time to begin making antibodies to Rh-positive cells. Without treatment with RhoGAM® following any terminated pregnancy, even a first full-term pregnancy can be dangerously affected.


4th of July

Today has been a busy day we were up bright and early to be down to our neighborhood park by 8am for our ward pancake breakfast. Then at 11:30 we headed out to the 4th of July Town parade they had entertainment, booths, games, food, petting zoo and pony ride. Garrett got to ride a pony for the first time and he loved it! Then at 8pm we went out to the golf course a mile away for the fireworks display we hung out for an hour and 45 minutes so we could get a really good spot. We played kick ball with Garrett and watched the sunset. Garrett didn't get scared at all when the fireworks went off he would copy Miah and say "OOOO" and "AHHH" and he clapped with everyone else at the end. I keep thinking what 4th of July next year will be like with a 2.5yr old and an another little guy almost one.


"I love you mama"

That is what Garrett just told me about 10 minutes ago. Miah was walking in the door he didn't hear it so he doesn't really believe me but for the past 10 minutes hes been trying to get him to say "I love you dada" with no luck! Why in the world would I make that up! He is just jealous.


I have been feeling not so good I have been having contractions on and off since my water aerobics class yesterday evening. They were pretty frequent until about midnight then I finally fell asleep for a little bit but kept waking up every so often because I would get uncomfortable. This morning I was feeling tired but having no contractions for about an hour after waking up then as soon as I started moving around getting Garrett his breakfast they came back I'm still not having more than three an hour which is good because if I have four I have to go see my OB. I am taking it easy as of now and will see how I feel tomorrow morning. 6 and a half weeks to go will I make it that long. I don't think so!