Second week of cloth

Here is Graham in a cloth diaper! This is a plain old white one but we have grasshopper green, aqua, baby blue and teal. We are on week two and so far so good no leaks yet CD is really easy. Last night I did put him in pampers swaddlers so I could use up the size he is growing out of and he leaked right out of the diaper the weird thing was that his clothes and the outside of the diaper and all around the diaper were wet but the inside of the diaper itself was dry as a bone. How does that happen?


2 weeks old and real bath

Graham had his first real bath instead of a sponge bath on his two week birthday. I didn't use our fancy blue tub just the hospital one the blue one takes up so much room on the counter. He really enjoyed his bath he didn't cry until after I took him out his favorite part was getting his hair washed.


Graham Kent Burke

Miah and I had made plans to go out on a date and see the Dark Knight at 5pm towards the end of the movie I started having contractions that were about 15 minutes apart they didn't hurt I didn't think anything of it because I have been having contractions anywhere from 4-20 minutes apart for the past month. We got home and I posted a few posts on babyfit around one about all of a sudden being nervous about getting and induction on Monday I had just finished posting it when I felt a small leak after I sneezed I thought I had just peed my pants. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet sure enough my pad was soaked I peed but it just kept coming I thought it felt weird so I yelled to DH that I thought my water broke he came up and said I probably just had to pee a lot. So I wiped and stood up and had a huge gush at that point we knew my water had broken. It was about 10pm when my water broke we started timing my contractions they were between 4 and 8 minutes apart they didn't hurt at all just felt the same as all the BH I had been having. So I called the hospital and they told me I needed to come in if my water broke. So I showered and packed up we got to the hospital around midnight they watched my contractions and they weren't consistent. I would have two that were 4-5 minutes apart then others that were 15 minutes apart I also was still only dilated to 4cm and about 70% effaced. I told them I wanted to wait and see if my contractions would pick up on their own they told me they would give me until 6am then start pitocin so I could get some sleep. Well at 1:30 I was tired of waiting and contractions were still not picking up they actually got further apart and still didn't hurt. I decided I wanted pitocin because I couldn't sleep I was too excited. I finally fell asleep at around 4:30am and woke up at 5am with contractions that were starting to hurt. Around 5:30 the contractions were getting uncomfortable and so they checked me I was 6 and 90% effaced. It all went so fast from there ever time they checked me which was often I was half a cm to a cm more dilated. Around 11am I was 8cm still 90% by 12:00pm I was fully dilated and effaced but didn't feel the urge to push so we waited a half hour and I started feeling the need to push so they called my "stand in" OB mine was on vacation she only lived 10 minutes away so she got their pretty quick they had me do a practice push while she was on her way and I moved the baby to a station 2 on that push. My OB arrive and I did a practice push with her and she could see the head so she geared up and 4 contractions and 20 minutes later I was holding my little Graham he was born at 12:42pm he weighted 8lbs 4oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He scored a 10 on his apgar tests which made me so happy because Garrett scored very low. My placenta wouldn't come out on its own we waited until the time limit and I started bleeding out so I had to have drugs to stop the bleeding and my OB had to help the placenta out. Because my placenta stayed in too long they had me on antibiotics in case I got an infections and sure enough about an hour after I delivered I got a high fever and really bad shakes so they put me on triple antibiotics for two days and was released yesterday afternoon we ended up having to stay in the hospital until 11pm because Graham wouldn't poop. 9hours of labor followed by 20 minutes of pushing is a whole lot better than 16 of labor and two of pushing!!!!


We got 1/2 our cloth diapers today!

I ordered 12 BumGenius 3.0 and 10 Happy Heiny OS pocket diapers. The BumGenius came today they are on their third wash cycle. I keep testing them after every wash dumping half a cup of water on them and so far no leaks! I also installed our BumGenius diaper sprayer on the toilet today no dunking in the toilet like in the old days. They also make flushable liners which I did buy as well we will see how those work. I will post frequent updates about our CD experience.


Making Progress

I went in today for a last minute non stress test because I was having frequent painful back contractions 4-6 minutes apart that went on for three hours. They were accompanied by a terrible headache and swelling they put me on the monitors and my contractions had slowed down to 8-9 minutes apart. Go figure! My doctor checked me and I am progressing I am now 3cm's dilated and 60% effaced. She stripped half my membranes before I was in too much pain and begged her to stop. I have since been having contractions 6 minutes apart but I did go walk around at the local fair so I'm thinking when I go to bed they will slow down. My Doctor thinks I wont make it past this week she will strip my membranes again on Thursday if I haven't had the baby by them she moved my appointment to first thing in the morning because she is thinking it will work then if the half stripping didn't work today. Keep your fingers crossed for me I don't really want to be induced Monday If I can go naturally!


38w & new hair cut

Officially I wont be 38w until Monday but I'm close enough. I also got my hair done today it will probably be the last time until after winter I want to grow it out long again I also got rid of the blonde and went back to my natural color with a few highlights here and there!

Mr. Biggs

Miah's company had their party at Mr. Biggs Garrett loved it he went to Little big town and the foam factory. He is also wearing his new big boy shoes in a size 8 I can't believe how big his feet are!