Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was so fun Garrett had a blast!!! After he opened Elmo and Wall-e he just wanted to play in the tree house with them we had a hard time getting him to focus on opening the rest of his gifts. Our play room is over flowing on to the stairs and living room. Graham had no idea what was going on he kept entertained by crinkling wrapping paper. I would have taken more photos but I had to feed Graham so I posted what I took.


while I was showering.....

Garrett decided to get himself breakfast he ate 6 dark chocolate Lindt cadies and two peppermint cherries well he ate the tops off and left the cherries yuck those are nasty. I asked him what he wanted for breakfast tomorrow his answer "more chocolate please"


Santa and the gang

The nursery by our house had Comet, Cupid and Santa and Mrs Clause so we stopped by and Garrett got a cookie and met everyone. I thought it would be good practice for next weekend when we go to sit on Santa's lap and get pictures taken with both boys. As you can see Garrett was not happy he tried giving Santa his cookie so he didn't have to climb on his lap. I hope next weekend goes better I want a cute photo of the boys.


4 month check up

Today Graham turned 4 months old we had his check up here are his stats Height: 25" 25-50% Weight: 15p 10oz 25-50% Head Circumference: 44.5cm above 95% His eyes are also still blue his pediatrician thinks they will stay blue but I'm still not sure I think he may still go brown. Graham has a little flattened head syndrome on the right side you can barely tell and I think it's looking better than it did. We have to start doing neck therapy to strengthen that right neck muscle. We also have to get tummy time in every day (errrr he doesn't like it) and I will have to start carrying him in his sling more often so he can get that neck moving. Other than that he is looking good I think he needs to be eating more he is looking thin but maybe that's because Garrett was so gigantic.