Happy Easter!

Graham didn't sit long enough to stay in both pictures as you can see he wasn't as excited about the Easter bunny as Garrett was.


Saint Patrick's Day Parade

We headed to downtown Denver Saturday with Robin and her kiddo's Hailey and JJ. The Parade was so much fun its the first time I've ever taken the boys to a parade. Garrett's Favorite part of the parade and I quote "The Dancers". LOL! Ya I know I'm terrible I didn't get very many pictures but in my defense It's not so easy carrying a 26lb toddler in one arm and a 3lb camera in another so I just put it away.


Spring has almost sprung!

I can't wait for great weather every day! We had such a good day on Saturday we went to the zoo and had a picnic lunch. It was beautiful out we didn't even need coats just light sweaters that we ended up having to take off becuase it got nice and warm. The animals were all out basking in the sunlight so the boys had a blast and I got some great pictures. The bears were the funnest Animals the elephants were MIA I was bummed they are my favorite. p.s. Hailey Garrett loves the Transformer Glasses you got him for Christmas he had to wear them all day becuase it was so bright.