Plan of Action

I am so relieved that the Fertility Dr didn't think I was crazy! He says 8 day LP is a LP defect but first before he gets to that he needs to fix the underlining issues. He said he needs to figure out why I've had retained placenta twice and what's causing it and what damage that my three D&C's have caused. I have to have testing for a blood clotting disorder which could be why I'm having retained placenta. He also needs to do a Hysteroscopy see if there is any scaring. Then I have to have a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to see if my tubes are blocked from scaring. All the while I will be going in for blood work and then after I get a positive ovulation test and blood work confirms ovulation I will get a trigger shot of HCG (which Miah will be injecting into me on three separate days (I didn't tell him that yet). I'm happy we've got a plan of action and hope that we get a BFP soon!


It's been 4 years already!

Miah and I were married 4 years ago today it's been the most amazing adventure. I have the greatest husband he is loving, kind, Honest, spiritual, patient, thoughtful, strong and I love you so Much Miah! I am so looking forward to an Eternity with you by my side!